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Thuja (Sichuan Arborvitae [Thuja sutchuenensis] or Sandarac-tree [Tetraclinis articulata]) belong to the genus of the cypress family and are divided into north american, african and asian species. Colloquially Thuja is called "Tree of Life" (Arborvitae) although this doesn't include the Sandarac-tree. Thuja grows as an evergreen tree or shrub. The Sandarac-tree [Tetraclinis articulata] at an average height of about 10 meters, the Sichuan Arborvitae [Thuja sutchuenensis] even up to 20 meters. The wood is deep orange, maroon to brown with black punctures. It is an extremely hard and tough wood, which has a very high oil content, which makes it sand extremely poor. Thuja saws and planes moderately, but tends to break. However, it has a very high durability and is suitable for turning.

It is said that the woods essential oils may cause skin irritation and that they may trigger allergies. The wood is often used for small woodturning and jewelery work. As it can be polished up perfectly it makes a fantastic finish. A highly decorative wood!

Sometimes also i may be wrong, so please let me know if you should find any mistakes! Thank you for your help!


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