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Precious Wood

Snake Wood

Snake Wood

Snake Wood is a simply unique wood. The snake-wood tree is an evergreen tree that can reach a height of up to 45 meters, the diameter of the tree is usually quite low. It is a very close-grained - almost horn-like - very dense and hard wood, which has a texture that is reminiscent to some extent to a snake skin.

Snake wood is a wood that is very difficult to handle because it can create strong tensions that make the wood very susceptible to cracking. Thus, it is rather a timber for the pros, but snake wood is still liked by many woodturners for the musical instruments, used in the manufacture of pens and even for noble decorations for billiard cues.

It can be extremely well polished and looks just gorgeous.

Sometimes also i may be wrong, so please let me know if you should find any mistakes! Thank you for your help!


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