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Precious Wood

African Blackwood (Grenadill)

African Blackwood (Grenadill)

"African Blackwood", also called "grenadill", is a South African hardwood species of Dalbergia, which extends from the northern country of South Africa to Senegal. It is one of the hardest woods and has an extremely hard-grained heartwood. It's editing-, sound-, water-repellent properties, and of course the very high density of the wood make it an irreplaceable wood for musical instruments (particularly for woodwinds).

The wood has a dark violet-brown color and a fine not particularly well highlighted Grain. Approximately equal to the workability of wood like Cocus or kingwood, grinding and sawing as standard, the finish is extremely decorative.

Sometimes also i may be wrong, so please let me know if you should find any mistakes! Thank you for your help!


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