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Cocus Rosewood

Cocus Rosewood

Cocus Rosewood

Cocus Rosewood

Cocus Rosewood (Brya Ebenus), also called Jamaican rain tree or Jamaican ebony, is a unique hardwood with a beautiful grain of a tree that reaches an average plant height of 10m and can be count to the family of the Dalbergieae with approximately 49 genera. A highly decorative wood with an awesome grain, unfortunately it has become extremely scarce.

The wood goes from brown to golden yellow with some very irregular points interspersed with brown or black stripes. Partially it can have special that looks very decorative. Cocus Rosewood can be sawed and planed well, it grinds very fine and can be polished to achieve a marble-like finish. The wood was popular with flute peasants in the 19th Century, where a great many flutes were produced from Cocus. Highly decorative and an absolute eye-catcher.

Sometimes also i may be wrong, so please let me know if you should find any mistakes! Thank you for your help!


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