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Chakte Viga

Chakte Viga

Chakte Viga (Caesalpinia Platyloba), also known as Tikal or Mexican Pernambuco, is a unique South American wood valued for its color and its workability. The hard to find deep orange heartwood throws shades from apricot to orange - sometimes even with a touch of fine red - that darken with age of the wood.

Chakte Viga is very pleasant to work with and is therefore often used by jewelers for jewelry and inlay work. However, it can also be turned very well and can be molded into fine details due to its hardness. Chakte Viga can be moderately grinded, but polished very well, so you can achieve an almost glassy finish as the wood has a very fine structure.

Sometimes also i may be wrong, so please let me know if you should find any mistakes! Thank you for your help!


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